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This theme of Home for Christmas is multi-faceted.  We remember that Jesus was born away from home, among the animals because there wasn’t a room ready for his family.  We remember many individuals who are not home this year, whether because they are living outside, because it is not safe for them to be at their homes, because they are deployed overseas, because their country is ruled by a new regime that confiscated their home, or a whole other host of reasons.  And yet, the God who chooses to dwell with humankind meets us all where we are.  God is with us...and all of creation, regardless of circumstance or location.  And it turns out, THAT miracle of God’s presence is perhaps the most important element of finding home.  Resting in God’s love creates “home,” whether in chaotic, messy living rooms, or church sanctuaries, or the car, or a hotel room - we can find our home with God. 


Let us all come home for Christmas!

December 5, 2021
January 2, 2022
November 28, 2021