Frequently Asked


What denomination is Park Ridge Community Church?

Park Ridge Community Church (PRCC) is an independent, interdenominational Christian congregation, with ties to the United Church of Christ (UCC). PRCC traces many of its traditions to the New England Congregationalist tradition of Protestantism. Much of the Church’s mission and focus is summarized in the UCC Statement of Mission.

How can I find out more about PRCC?

Visitors are always welcome. Come to any of our Sunday services or join in the many activities and events. During Sunday services, all members and guests are encouraged to sign the fellowship pads located in each pew. Visit the Newcomers page here.

When are services held?

Two worship services are offered each Sunday. 8:30 AM Service From September through May service is in the Crego Chapel. From June through August, this service is outside in the Worship Garden at the northwest corner of Butler place and Prospect Ave. adjacent to the church parking lot. Please bring your own blanket or chair. In inclement weather, worship will be held inside in Crego Chapel. 10:00 AM Service This is a traditional service in the Sanctuary, celebrated with our Chancel Choir and music soloists.

Are children welcome in the service?

We believe that children are sacred gifts and are always welcome. We recognize that children can become restless during worship and therefore provide children’s activity bags at the doors to the Sanctuary. For those parents who choose it, we have child care available for ages 0-4 . Child care is available in our nursery from 8:30 - 11:15 AM throughout the school year. Sunday School for children meets throughout the school year during the 10:00 AM service. Children remain with their parents for the beginning of the service and are then dismissed to Sunday School.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Membership in the Church is not required to participate in our activities or ministries. Becoming a member allows you to make a personal commitment to your faith community. Members are expected to support the Church with their prayers, their presence, their gifts, and their service and be willing to be shaped, challenged and sent forth to serve by their community of faith. Click here for more information on how to become a member.

What are the backgrounds of your members?

PRCC is proud of the diversity of faiths and viewpoints represented in our congregation. Our members come from a rich variety of Christian traditions. An important theme at PRCC is that we encourage discussion and sharing of different viewpoints as we journey together to live out the teachings of Christ.

Do you have to be a member to…have a wedding?…enroll in Sunday school?...sing in the choir?

ALL are welcome to participate without being an official member. In fact, participation is a wonderful way to get to know the Church, make friends, and consider eventual membership.. Families may enroll their children in Sunday school at any time. Youth and adult fellowship activities are open to all visitors. However, being a member also allows a person to fully participate in and vote in church meetings. Access to some of the congregational leadership roles does require formal membership.

How can I borrow from or donate to the Medical Lending Closet?

The Medical Supply Lending Closet is a ministry that provides medical equipment to those in need. The Medical Supply Lending Closet is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon. To make a request for equipment and/or inquire about making a donation, please click here.

What programs do you have for preschoolers and elementary school children?

Ministries and fellowship opportunities for children are an important part of life at PRCC. In addition to our Sunday School and Music programs, there are many other activities for children, such as the October pumpkin patch, family movie nights, a Christmas pageant, and an Easter egg hunt. Please go to our Christian Education section to learn more about our children’s programs.

What programs do you have for youth and teens?

Middle School and High School youth groups meet at least monthly for activities during the school year. Additional events include the October pumpkin patch, Cookies by the Pound and the high school Mission Trip. To learn more about youth programs, click here .

What education programs do you have for adults?

Opportunities for adult fellowship and community service abound. PRCC sponsors many social events that provide opportunities to meet new friends, enrich old friendships, and work together in service to others. Examples include dinner groups, Men’s Breakfast and Women’s Circle groups, as well as seasonal events such as Jazz in January. Please consider serving on a committee or volunteering to help in a leadership role. Please visit the calendar for the most current events and opportunities for fellowship.

What is the Church’s position on…?

We respect the various positions and understandings of contemporary matters of social concern held by the individual members of the congregation and our visitors. As a congregation, we agree that, “In a time when division and difference between Christians are becoming sharper, and when battles rage over almost every point of tradition, doctrine, and faith. We believe that those things uniting Christians are more important than those which divide. The truth is many-sided and will prevail in an atmosphere of love and acceptance— All who call Jesus Lord have something to offer to each other and to the world.”

How do I join the choir?

Contact our Minister of Music for information about the choir.