The Leadership of PRCC is striving to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic with care and concern for our congregation. Keeping our congregation connected, engaged, having spiritual needs tended to, while also keeping everyone safe, has been the highest priority. Our staff have worked tirelessly to create online worship experiences so that even while we are apart, we can worship together. We are eager to resume gathering in person, but we are not willing to risk making one another sick. We have created the following plan to help everyone understand what to expect as our State moves along through the phases outlined by Governor Pritzker. As difficult as it is to imagine, our worship services will continue to be impacted until such time as the virus is eliminated or there is a readily available vaccine. We have studied guidance from other church bodies, other local churches, and lessons from
around the country. Evidence has shown that churches can be particularly dangerous places to gather because of the large groups (50% of cases of Covid-19 are transmitted from someone who is asymptomatic) and the activity of singing, which distributes the virus very effectively over a large area.


When we ARE able to gather, we will ask that everyone wear a mask, everyone sanitize their hands, only a couple people sing into a microphone, only the prescribed number of persons attend any service (and we will offer additional service times to keep groups small) and that we maintain social distance while we are together. We will not be having coffee hour or having Sunday School or nursery care because of the risks these activities pose. There will be time when we can safely gather and embrace, pass the peace, and sing to our heart’s content...but it will likely be a while. Can you be patient? Will you continue to send in your offerings so we can keep ministry going? We need everyone’s support. We need everyone’s commitment. We want to keep our pastors, our staff, and our congregation safe and healthy and we appreciate your ongoing commitment in this endeavor! Here’s our plan:

*This plan will adjust/change according to information from the CDC or updated guidelines from the state.

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