Aug. 18 - "The Covenant of Creation Care"

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Readings: Isaiah 58:1-9a Matthew 5:13-16

I jumped at the opportunity to preach a sermon only at this early service because I felt like it was the perfect chance to read together our creation stories, dwelling in the beauty of creation. This outdoor worship service gives us the opportunity to do together what many of us do individually throughout the summer - and that is to get outdoors and simply worship our God, our Creator!

I wonder where in creation you particularly delight…Water, trees, forests, gardens, flowers, animals, bugs, mountains, oceans, beaches, songs of creation

It feels as though, the God who spoke creation into existence, who created the mountain peaks and the tiniest flower is waiting for us to show up, beckoning for us to join God in creation, yearning to calm our worries and breathe refreshing, deep, holy breaths into our hearts and souls. So, this morning we join God and worship.

The passage we shared from Genesis is the first creation story in our scriptures (the second we find in Genesis 2). And this version from the Priestly writer was written to help reveal to the Hebrew people the power of a God who creates, celebrates, and delights in the entirety of the created world. It tells of our God who speaks worlds into existence.

The first day, God hovers over the tehom, the Hebrew word for the deep waters and out of chaos, beauty and new life emerge. In Confirmation we remind the kids that our holy scriptures are not a science textbook and we shouldn’t expect them to be – so we don’t think this creation story details the precise way that the world was actually formed, but it does convey other truths – lik