Leadership Plunge

Sunday March 01

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Take the Plunge! - Sunday March 1

To support our fundraising efforts for the Water Well Project, some members of our Staff and Board signed up as volunteer candidates for this event. On Sunday, March 1, over 100 people gathered on our front steps to watch as one of our lucky leaders received the grand prize from "Take the Plunge!"

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"Take the Plunge!" raised over $3,800 during the 2 weeks it ran. The winner was Bill Williams, a board member, who received the highest dollar amount of pledges.These 2 photos show the smiling winner valiantly receiving his Plunge Grand Prize from members of the Youth Group.


We have been able to raise over $22,000 since January to support the church’s Water Well project which will establish a new sustainable water supply for a community that is without one. The money is being used to help underwrite the well construction and help offset travel costs for the church volunteers that will be traveling to the Central American country in June as part of their Mission Trip. The volunteers will be helping with well construction and supporting the education and hygiene training that will follow. 

-Thanks ever so much to everyone for their generosity in making the Water Well Project a reality!

-Great thanks to everyone who put their money into the buckets during "Take the Plunge!" 

-Last, but not least, we want to recognize our plunge candidates who bravely contributed themselves.   We could not have done this without you. THANK YOU!!!


- Pastor Carol

- Laura Sissman

- Thom Goodwin

- Ginny Feurer

- Pastor Mollie

- Bill Williams


- Judy Artrip

- Liz Swanson

- Dan Smith

- Sasha Gerritson

- Andrea Goodwin

- Sara Born


- Shelley O’Brien

- Laura Lapp

- Gretchen Kapolnek

- Tricia Williams

- Ann Swindell